I was a Las Vegas Virgin

Part of the Vegas Strip (photo by Danceclubgirl)
Part of the Vegas Strip (photo by Danceclubgirl)Part of the Vegas Strip (photo by Danceclubgirl)

I’m not, technically speaking, a girl. I am, however, a girl at heart. And this “girl”- despite having travelled to Europe, Asia and North America quite a bit – had never been to Las Vegas until last week.

Las Vegas wasn’t even my first choice. My friend Eddie and I just wanted to go somewhere warm. Our first choice was Miami, but it was too expensive for us, especially with the state of the Canadian dollar.

So Las Vegas it was, and we lucked out with a really inexpensive package at a mid-range hotel on the Strip.

The first thing I noticed about Las Vegas, after its incoherent architecture, flashing lights and screens, and sidewalk crowds, was the music. There was music all over the place – hotel lobbies, casinos, on the sidewalk, in shopping malls. And most of it was dance music – something I’d loved since I was a teenager. Finding it almost impossible to stop myself from dancing to this music in public, I knew that visiting a club had to be at the top of my list of things to do in Vegas.

So between gawking at hotel lobbies,  gulping down huge cocktails and watching the Cirque in action in their sexiest show, Zumanity,  I managed to fit in one night of clubbing. And I’m really glad I did, because it led to me rediscovering my love for dancing, the club scene, and just being with a bunch of people having a great time.

Stay tuned for my first super-fun clubbing experience in Las Vegas, at the amazing Omnia, in Caesars Palace.

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