Omnia nightclub, Main Room (photo by Danceclubgirl)

DJ Burns and DJ Turbulence in Las Vegas – Feb. 23, 2016

Omnia nightclub, Main Room (photo by Danceclubgirl)
Omnia nightclub, Main Room (photo by Danceclubgirl)

While in Vegas, I did have a vague idea of going dancing, but when I looked online, I hesitated because of the high ticket prices.

Two days before I was supposed to leave, I was waiting to cross the Strip in front of our hotel when an attractive young guy standing at the street corner offered me a small cardboard flyer. In Vegas you’re constantly getting flyers pushed at you – mostly for strip clubs – so my first instinct was to ignore it. Luckily I didn’t as it turned out to be for one of the clubs I had been thinking of going to – Omnia, at Caesars Palace.

Outside Caesar’s Palace, where  Omnia is located (photo by Danceclubgirl)

I was pretty happy to find out that, being a woman, I would be able to get into the club for free before 1 a.m. I’ve since found out that women can easily get on to free guest lists for Las Vegas clubs  but men usually have to pay a fairly hefty cover charge.

About 12 hours later, I set off alone via the tourist bus (my friend had declined because of a bad back from a snowboarding accident), wearing a low-cut red dress that was too risqué for my home town but perfectly fine here. Going solo was no big deal for me as I’d already clubbed alone once in Barcelona a few years ago and had a great time.

2016-02-22 22.11.30
Part of the Las Vegas Strip at night on Feb. 22, 2016 (photo by Danceclubgirl)

Thinking that the club had hired people to drum up business because they were short of clients (this was a Tuesday), I expected to be ushered in like a VIP as soon as I arrived. When I got there, though, I was shocked to see a long, snaking line-up filled with other would-be clubbers. It took at least half an hour to get into the club, and in the process we were carded and stamped three times. Security was definitely not going to be an issue.

When I entered the club, I hung out for about an hour in the first room I encountered, which played mainly hip-hop music. I later learned that this room was called “Heart of Omnia” and featured DJ Turbulence. The scene was good there – not super high-energy, but enough to keep you dancing.

2016-02-24 00.41.42
Partiers in the Main Room of Omnia on February 23, 2016. Surprisingly, most of them are guys, who probably had to pay a cover charge (photo by Danceclubgirl)

At some point in the crowd I met a well-dressed young guy from Hawaii who was accompanied by two friends. We danced together, and then a while later we moved to another room that he referred to as the “rave room” (officially the Main Room).

I was blown away by my experience there. DJ Burns’ music was incredible and the crowd was super enthusiastic. Added to this were the special effects. At climactic points of the music, the chandeliers would descend from the ceiling and cold air jets would blast on us from above or confetti would rain down. I’d never experienced anything like it. Even after my friend left for the hip-hop room, I partied for another hour or so alone, in the midst of this crowd, loving every minute.

Looking up in Omnia (photo by Danceclubgirl)

At the end of the night I was a convert, determined to hit the best clubs in the world, time and money permitting.

I wouldn’t have to wait long. Returning home a couple of days later, I noticed that Hardwell was coming to my hometown on March 6 as part of his Revealed – North American Bus Tour.

Who: DJ Burns and DJ Turbulence
Where: Omnia nightclub, Caesars Palace, Las Vegas
When: February 23, 2016
Cost: Free entry for women; cost for men unknown
Drinks: Corona was $10
Coat check: $5 per item
Danceclubgirl Rating: 9

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