Kim Kardashian w/DJ Ruckus in Las Vegas – April 8, 2016

Electronic billboard in the MGM Grand hotel advertising Kim Kardashian's appearance
Electronic billboard in the MGM Grand hotel advertising Kim Kardashian’s appearance

I don’t know much about geography, or Kim Kardashian for that matter, but when I heard she would be hosting a night at Hakkasan in Las Vegas for the third anniversary of the club, I was in. A friend asked if I could bring back a photo, which added some pressure.

This was my second trip to Vegas in two months – I had returned to go clubbing because a lot of big DJs were in town that week. I was joined by my friend Mark, a TV editor from Toronto, who was there to get some sun and good food.

KKW Outside MGM Grand
Exterior of Hakkasan nightclub, located  in the MGM Grand hotel (photo by danceclubgirl)

The event was the same night as our  bus trip (or ordeal, according to Mark) to the Grand Canyon, which took 15 hours and had us leaving our hotel at 6:15 a.m.

We  got back to our hotel at 9 p.m., and by the time we had rested and showered it was already 11.  Although we arrived at Hakkasan at 11:30, the  dance floor had already been roped off and no-one was being allowed on. 

KKW Grand Canyon
Six hours to the Grand Canyon, six hours back, but well worth the trip (photo by Danceclubgirl)

DJ Ruckus had the challenging task of  keeping the crowd entertained. He did a great job, considering most of us were there for the sole purpose of seeing Kardashian.

The club also threw in some acrobatic acts, mini-shows and parades to celebrate bottle service to pass the time. This was not enough for Mark, though, who left before 1 a.m., citing fatigue.

KKW Campari
Mark drank this rather expensive Campari before he left (photo by Danceclubgirl)

Finally, shortly after 1 a.m., DJ Ruckus announced that Kim Kardashian was in the building. I was excited at first, but that dissipated pretty quickly as the minutes dragged on with no sign of her. At this point, I was getting pretty annoyed with the fact that I had come to see a celebrity who was barely going to put in an appearance.

KKW Hakkasan 2
Hakkasan nightclub on its third anniversary weekend with DJ Ruckus (photo by Danceclubgirl)

Around 2, I noticed people taking photos to the left of the DJ booth. From where I was standing, I could only see a crush of people, but I can assume she had arrived. Then at 2:15,  I heard a girlish voice say a few sentences about how she was very happy to be there for Hakkasan’s third anniversary. This had to be her.

I attempted to take some photos of the DJ booth, but the results were like something out of the Antonioni movie Blow-Up .

KKW silhouette
The excitement building for Kim Kardashian’s arrival (photo by Danceclubgirl)

The next day I found out that the best photo op had been in outside the club in the MGM Hotel or near the VIP booth. Also, it turned out  that Kim had arrived late not because she didn’t care but because her private plane had mechanical problems. (The door of her plane wouldn’t close so she and her entourage had to taken another plane.)

For a pretty good description (with photos) of her appearance at Hakkasan that night, check out this article in the Las Vegas Sun News.

Who: Kim Kardashian with DJ Ruckus
Where: Hakkasan Nightclub, MGM Grand, Las Vegas
When: April 8, 2016
Cost: Bought online, $20 plus fees for women; $30 plus fees for men
Drinks: A Campari and Fiji water were just over $29
Danceclubgirl Rating: 6

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